Social media support gives complementary therapist a leg up.

Complementary therapist Buddug Green has spent years building up her reflexology practice. But like so many enterprises, it took a hit when the coronavirus pandemic struck. To win new customers she needed to get to grips with social media marketing – a task that filled her with trepidation.

Buddug originally got into reflexology after having treatments herself, as she recovered from a period of ill health. “I found it really helped me recover physically and just as importantly supported me emotionally,” she says. Intrigued by this experience, she eventually became a fully trained reflexologist.

“My treatments involve gentle relaxing massage of the feet,” explains Buddug, “whilst also incorporating systematic pressure to the feet, as each part ‘maps’ and corresponds to a different area of the body, which also encompasses the circulatory and nervous systems, etc. Everyone enjoys it as it is relaxing and can improve sense of wellbeing!” she enthuses.

In reflexology, pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot.

The marketing challenge

The marketing challenge

For Buddug, marketing is one of the biggest challenges of running her business. She used to rely on getting the word out face to face: attending health-related events; giving talks to local groups; and other networking-style activities. COVID-19 put an end to all that, she says, “This is where Cool Ventures have helped so much. Social media and technology are just not my cup of tea – but I’ve learned that this is the way forward!”

Reading a South Gloucestershire Council newsletter update highlighted the free business support services she could access.

“I liked that Cool Ventures are local, and it’s great that there’s help available so businesses like mine can survive and thrive.” Buddug benefited from 12 hours of free support, including a series of webinars on marketing her business online, including learning about social media strategy, Facebook, Instagram, sales strategies, and more.

In addition to the webinars, Buddug had a one-to-one consultation with Rachel, a Cool Ventures’ business support advisor.

“Cool Ventures are so helpful and approachable – you really can ask any questions you want. Facebook was my biggest challenge – an absolute minefield in my mind – but Rachel ‘held my hand’ and helped me to actually get my account setup.” Buddug Green.

Buddug continues, “She went through so many aspects of Facebook with me – I was worried about things like online payments and security. Now I feel happy and confident with it, and I’m building up my followers and likes. Cool Ventures have made such a difference to me. They’ve given me the confidence to establish myself on social media, and to use tools like Canva to create a much more professional presence.”

And what of the future?

“Seeing people enjoy and benefit from my therapy gives me so much job satisfaction. I am very passionate about reflexology and find my work very fulfilling and rewarding,” says Buddug. She is determined to keep growing her business back to pre-pandemic levels, and to continue her own professional development. Her parting advice to other business owners?

“Ride the storm, stay positive, grasp the social media opportunity, and access the free help available from Cool Ventures!” | 07779252299

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