August 4


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Cool Ventures Limited

This Google Analytics webinar will help improve your understanding of how customers interact with your website.

This event is available free of charge to businesses based in Bath and North East Somerset. If you are based elsewhere please call us to discuss how else we may be able to help.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how customers found your site, what they did on your site, and if they did something that you wanted them to do.The ability to get a better understanding of your customers is one of the greatest perks of doing business online. Google Analytics is a great tool that is provided, without charge, by Google and can help you understand precisely how your website is performing.

It’s not just about the numbers of visitors that come to your site but it’s about what they do whilst they are there. The better you can understand how customers interact with your website the easier it is to improve your website to encourage them to stay, make a purchase or contact you.

If you remember the trusted business phrase “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity” websites have a similar turn of phrase. “visitors are vanity, actions are sanity” where actions are when the visitors to your site carry out the actions that you want them to take, whether that’s to

  • Download something
  • Buy something
  • Make an enquiry
  • Subscribe to something

And Google Analytics provides that vital insight in to understanding what visitors are doing whilst they are on your site and tracks the impact of changes that you make to your site.

This webinar explains:

  • How to install Google Analytics on your website
  • The meaning of the key data provided by Google Analytics
  • How you can use this data to understand customer activities
  • How you can use this data to improve the performance of your website

About your presenter:

Our coach, Andy Poulton, has been professionally involved with web development and ecommerce since 1995 and started to take a healthy interest in the search engines in 1999 – and hasn’t stopped learning about the ever-changing requirements since.

He’s helped thousands of businesses embrace digital marketing opportunities presented by the internet and World Wide Web and also keeps his ear to the (virtual) ground, constantly listening and looking for new ways that businesses can use the internet to differentiate themselves from their competition and to raise awareness and promote their products and services.

Please note that this webinar forms part of the funded B&NES Business Support Programme and you will be asked to complete an online registration form which will be sent to you.

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